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Dormitory 520

Dormitory 520 Close

Renovation with a minimal budget.
A building of significant size lies in the heart of mining area Vítkovice, Ostrava. While rebuilding it to an accommodation for workers it needed to be given architectural expression and internal order. It was necessary to keep the budget low and the building’s functional properties (with maximum durability) and durability high.
The five-storey building with three entrances is a part of an industrial area Vítkovice. It used to be a socially administrative object with three individual dilatation units. The structural alteration plan respected the current support system. After renovation, the building is almost a quotation of the previous state; window divisions were kept the same and the surfaces were respected by traditional plastering after insulating the façade.

reconstruction of the building D520 to a dormitory

design 2009
project 2009-2010